Craig Wisner

Los Padres Running, 11/23

Woke up a little later than planned, but still was in the car at 6 am.  A little less than one hour of driving to the Frazier Park exit, turning off…snow!  I figured there’d be some in the higher country, but not all through Frazier Park and the drive in.  The plan was to head into the Fish Bowls trailhead and run the loop but the roads stopped me.  Frozen and hard heading in, I knew they’d turn to thick mud if the sun warmed them.  So I parked at the end of the asphalt and ran all the way to the trailhead and then out some.  Good call not driving further, found serious mud at about 6 miles in.

Nice, crisp, sunny cold on the way in, snowing on the way out.  I think I’ll head back on Friday to mountain bike the entire loop.


Silence, sunshine, a moment laying in the straw.


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