Craig Wisner


Ever just look around and want to throw everything out, wondering how the hell you ended up with any of it anyway?  What good any of it is doing you?

Get rid of one thing every day.

Every time you get a new thing, two things have to go.

Now I’ve heard of getting rid of something every time something new comes in (primarily from folks living on boats), but getting rid of something on a daily basis appeals to me as well.  I believe I first heard this idea from Dr. Ryan Jordan of Backpacking Light.  He mentioned a conscious effort of getting rid of even the smallest and most trivial of things; a broken mechanical pencil that’s been sitting in a container, etc.  Yet aren’t these “little things” what mountains of junk are ultimately made of?

I’ve gotten rid of 2 months worth of stuff today (at least 60 items!)  and a giant pile of clothes sits ready to go to a shelter sit in the living room.  I’d like to see how far I can take this idea.  My logic tells me that there’s obviously a mathematical end-point here.  But my gut fears there’s not.  With the amount of things we accumulate in this society, this very well could be an endless process.

I’ll post the occasional progress report here.

I feel better already.


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