Craig Wisner

Water Jugs

Used throughout the Southwest as irrigation devices, water jugs help conserve water in garden beds.  Bisque fired, porous clay is used, fired to a relatively low temperature to ensure greater porosity.  I used a fairly porous high fire clay body, Soldate 60, and fired to only cone 017 (~1400 F).  The first batch are all wheel thrown approximately 1 gallon in volume, a second batch waiting to fire are all ~2 gallons.  Watering jugs are buried to their necks in the soil, staggered throughout a bed, plants put in around them.  When filled, water will slowly seep through the porous clay, ensuring continuous moisture, less watering runoff and evaporative loss, and less frequent watering.   A 1 gallon jug should be sufficient for plants about in a 2-3 foot radius around it.  I haven’t buried the first batch yet, waiting for spring and drier weather; our soil stay plenty moist throughout winter.

My first jugs in the rain, awaiting burial.

Look at them beautiful veggies in the background….


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