Craig Wisner

Chickens are here!

We picked up our first two chicks from Wes’s Pets and Feed in El Monte yesterday.  I can’t say enough good things about Wes so far; very knowledgeable, friendly, great to work with.

So far we have Pip, a Rhode Island Red (large brown eggs).  She was hatched Tuesday, 1/2/11.

Next is Chum, a Single Comb Brown Leghorn (large white eggs).  She was also hatched on the 2nd.

They already show distinctly different personalities, Pip being larger, more energetic, and noisier.  Chum is far calmer, trying to nestle under Pip to sleep every chance she can get.

They’re a lot of fun so far, the kids are really enjoying it.  We have them inside in a cardboard box, running a 60w lamp for warmth.  The floor is simply paper with a rag to sleep on and a small, shallow dish for water.  Feed is just sprinkled on the floor.  We’ll run the lamp 24/7 for the first week, then switching to nighttime only, and eventually down to a 20-40w bulb for night.  After a month they’ll be ready for the coop.  In the second week we can start introducing human food- veggie scraps, fruit, rice, noodles, pretty much anything non-meat/dairy.  If all goes well they should be producing eggs by this coming June.

We’ll be picking up the next batch of chicks sometime in a week, having about a 1 month window to add new ones to the group before creating a pecking order and problems.  We’re still looking to get 2-3 more; one Ameraucana, a Barred Plymouth Rock, and a Black Orpington.

Here are a few images of the coop and run.  I was able to build it entirely out of recycled wood and old paint, the only things being purchased were the hardware, roof corrugate, and wire.  I’ll show images of the inside of the roosting area when it’s done- I still have to put in some boxes, branches for roosting, and get pine shavings.

At this point we probably have $40 invested in the coop and $15 for chicks and feed (chicks were $5 each).

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