Craig Wisner

Epic Vegan Slip.

I went vegan starting on the first, comfortably going for a week with no major willpower issues or backslides.  I sat through a beef-eating barbecue with one of my wife’s legendary cheese, olive, and salami spreads, resisting great temptation.  To test my faith even further, I find myself at my in-laws on Sunday, starving after a long run, faced with an Armenian spread of lula and all the sides.  Again, I resisted.

And then came Monday, a stressful day at work, tired, hungry, fighting traffic to get home…and it’s over.  Since then I’ve had two bowls of cereal (who doesn’t like Rice Krispies?), two servings of eggs (for a total of five), and two grilled cheese sandwiches.  At least I didn’t eat a rack of baby-backs.


But my faith has returned, I’ve talked myself out of talking myself out of going vegan, and at least for now, and I’ve quieted the insidious little carnivore and dairy-eating voices in  my head.

Relax, let’s start again.

I swear it’s like trying to kick drugs, probably worse; I haven’t seen a Have Some Heroin billboard lately.

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