Craig Wisner

Po’ Boy Small Game Point

As nobody local stocks Judo Points and I wanted to hunt for jackrabbit this weekend, I’m left to my own devices.  Through a little research I’ve found many different ideas for homemade small game points; washers behind field points, drywall T-nuts with screws and rubber washers, modified .357 and .38 shells, and best of all, bottle caps.   Given an ample supply on hand, the bottle caps are the obvious choice.  Today it happened to be Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  The green will go splendidly with the green vanes and nocks on my Easton Carbon Storm arrows.  Such things are very important considerations.

I dub it the Po’ Boy.  While I’m hardly the inventor, show me a copyright.  For greater authenticity in the future, I’ll use Coors Light caps.

Simple job:  find an unbent bottle cap and clamp it centered in the drill press.  Using a 7/32″ bit, drill a centered hole.  De-bur it and place it behind a field point, screw it down tight, and you’re done.  I was initially concerned with which direction to face the edges of the cap, whether to place it cupped forward or backwards.  I’ve seen this technique referenced online, but never any pictures or details about which way the cap goes on.  I figure that if the edge is facing back, the cap is more prone to bend, possibly causing the edge to cut the arrow shaft.  By placing the edge forward, I also assume I’ll get better stopping power and cutting action.

I tested a few at 20 yards, shooting a 4″x4″ paper on a bale.  My bow is shooting at 65 pounds.  Surprisingly, I found no real difference in accuracy at this range.  Even more surprisingly, they seem to work really well.  I thought at this draw weight the arrow would obliterate the cap, likely ripping it in half; instead it stayed firmly attached and I got only 2″ of penetration into the bale.  These hit really hard.  By comparison, with a field point only, I’m getting at least 24″ of penetration on the same bale.  It looks like these will work well for small game as well as for keeping misses from getting buried too badly in the earth.

Unused cap with field point.

Bottle cap on a cheaper carbon practice arrow after one shot. No damage to arrow whatsoever.

Unlike Judo Points, these are obviously a one-shot system- which is fine, given the ease/cost of making them.  Having a few arrows outfitted and a few spare caps in the pocket would be fine for a morning hunt.

I’ll post further results after getting out in the field.

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