Craig Wisner

More Chickens!

The last of the ladies are here now, also purchased from Wes.

First up, we have Poppy, a Barred Rock hen.  Poppy is almost two weeks old.  They’re brown egg layers.  She looked a lot like a small penguin when she was born.

Poppy, Barred Rock hen.

Next is Chuck, an Araucana.  Araucanas are known as the “Easter Egg Chicken”, famous for laying colored eggs ranging from turquoise, to olive, to brown.  Chuck is exactly one week old today.  Nice eyeliner.

Chuck, Araucana.

Finally we have LaLa, the sweetest and most docile of the bunch.  She’s a Buff Orpington and will turn a golden-yellow.  Also a brown egg layer and one week old today.

LaLa, Buff Orpington.

It looks like we’ll be calling it quits with five, though we’re tempted to get one more.  They’ve all bonded with each other well, no pecking or dominance issues.  Surprising, considering Pip and Chum are now three times the size of the new ones.

Pip is in a very awkward stage; not quite grown, feet too big, feathers growing in weird places.  She starting to get her comb (ridges between eyes above beak) and ear lobes.  Her wing feathers are almost allowing flight.  She’s by far the largest and reminds me quite a bit of a small dinosaur.  She’s definitely the most inquisitive of the bunch, constantly striving to see what’s going outside of her box.  She’s ready to eat human food now, as is Chum.

Pip, Rhode Island Red, just over 3 weeks old.

Chum is a bit smaller than Pip, thought the same age.  She’s not quite as strange looking right now.  She reminds me of a hawk.

Chum, Brown Leghorn, just over 3 weeks old.

Everyone’s healthy so far, it looks like we have a good batch.  They’re pretty tame now as well, very comfortable perching on a finger, thought they don’t like being separated from one another.

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