Craig Wisner

Tri Training, Week 1 Summary

I’m omitting times as I’m logging full stats at

Monday: Run, 3 miles track

Tuesday: Swim, 8×50, 1×400, 2×200 freestyle  Total 1200 meters

Wednesday: Run, 3.2 miles trail

Thursday: Run, 5.7 miles trail

Friday:  Swim, 1000 meters freestyle (mixed)

Saturday:  Swim, 4×50, 3×100, 2×200, 1×400, 3×100 freestyle.  1600 meters total

Sunday: Run, 12 miles trail

Total Run:  23.9 miles

Total Swim: 3800 meters

Total Bike: 0 ( I decided to omit cycling this week for two reasons: 1. Rain, as I do a large chunk of my riding to work and was too busy this week.  2.  I’m running the Super Spartan race next Saturday and wanted to focus a little more on getting at least 1 good run in.  I hope to pick up on cycling this week as part of a run taper for the race.

Overall, happy with the week, taking the swimming slow.

3X (3 runs, 3 swims, 3 bikes) workouts are no joke.  I did 7 workouts this week, 2 short of a 3X.  Successful tri training will certainly require some serious time management skills.  Considering an Ironman will  need 9-12 workouts/week, all of longer duration, it sure looks daunting just from a scheduling perspective.


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