Craig Wisner


Out for my first lycra-clad ride in months.  Overall, a great ride, about 13 miles all in big gears, some great twisting downhill.

About a mile from home I round a corner fast, downshift, and begin hammering uphill.  KERCHUUUNKK!

I throw my chain up front, somehow causing it to bind in the rear as well.  My rear wheel is screeching to a halt, locked up with smoking rubber.  I fishtail, get it under control, and pull over.

You know you’re walking home when….



Nothing makes a man feel more vulnerable than walking through the bad part of town barefoot (why wreck my cleats?), wearing spandex, and carrying a bike.

The derailleur was sucked into my spoke, completely twisting the hanger, breaking a pulley,  and bending the derailleur.  It also pulled the wheel out of the dropouts.   I was worried that it bent my frame, but after removing the hanger and derailleur and remounting my wheel, everything looks straight.

Oh well….looks like I’ll have to go buy some Dura-Ace and a hanger tonight….


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