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That’s Hard.

I had to smile when I saw this.  He’s just so happy about it!

Running Summary, 3/21-3/27

Monday: Easy 3 miles trail, rolling

Tuesday: Track Day…1 mile warmup  /  8×200 < :45  /  4×400 < 1:50  /  2×800 <3:50  /  1 mile cool down.  Total 5 miles

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: 3 miles trail, +/- 1400′.  It was supposed to be 6 miles but Mushka fell off a cliff.  She was OK but we were both rattled so I turned back.

Saturday: 10 miles trail (Inspiration Lookout), +/- 5200′

Sunday: 4 miles trail, rolling, with Mushka

Total Miles:  25     +/- 6600′

Mushka Miles: 7

A Change in Focus

I’ll be shifting away from tri training and working on my distance running in the coming months.

Swimming wasn’t working out so well.  While surfing about a week ago something in my left shoulder started really bugging when paddling and though it’s getting better,  it’s bothered me ever since.  So swimming is out for a while.

I’ve signed up for the High Desert Bishop 50K on May 21st so my training will be focused primarily on distance running for the time being.  I’m also very tempted to sign up for the North Face 50 Mile in Sausalito, CA this coming December.  Put it on the calendar, pay my money, and just go run it.  It’ll serve as good motivation.

Getting my legs back into longer weeks and consecutive running days, aiming for 35 miles this week and building.   I got lazy in my logging over the last few weeks; I’ll try to be more regular.  I still have everything down in my paper book.  It’s starting to get hot out there; I worked the dog pretty good on a 4 mile today.

On the note of running, I really love this blog, especially the last post and the Edward Abbey quote.  Jeff is a great writer, check it out:

The Logic of Long Distance

Warren Mackenzie

I love this guy, what a great touch with clay.

One Bowl…

…one plate, one cup, one fork, one knife, one spoon.


That’s it.  I finally did it.  I’ve been thinking about it for years, who knows what was stopping me.

There will be no more putting a dirty plate in the sink only to grab a clean one for the next meal…

I cleared out the cabinets and drawers tonight; so nice to see only 12 pieces of silverware in the drawer.

I’ve hidden all the extras in the back of a cabinet; we still need spares for company, but I intend to keep them off limits for daily use (the kids can’t get to them anyway).


Now if we could all only have one shirt, one pair of pants, one pair of underwear, one pair of socks…

JMT 2011 Food List PDF

This is the PDF for my initial food planning.  I’ll likely substitute 1 or 2 balance bars/day with a little variety as the calorie totals look good.  I’ll also be eating more variety of Balance Bar;  I used one type for simplicity in planning.

This is the easiest food system for me: create a ~1.5 lb/ ~3000 calorie a day menu based on simplicity, minimal cooking, and compact, calorie dense foods. Everything is roughly 100+ calories per ounce, if not much higher.  From this base I can begin substituting a few items for variety.

JMT Food List


Bishop High Sierra 50K

Just registered for the 50k on May 21st.

Here I go!


Summer in the Sierra

I’ve got my permits on the way…

Going solo on the majority of the John Muir trail; entering at Kearsarge Pass (Onion Valley) on Thursday, June 23rd and exiting at Happy Isles (Yosemite) on Saturday, July 2nd.  Nine nights set aside for roughly 190 miles, though I’m aiming to do it a little faster at about 25 miles/day.  I aim to do it without resupply; carrying 10 days of food would be my longest without resupply to-date.

My preliminary gear list PDF can be found here:

JMT 2011

I will likely edit as weather/conditions (mainly snow levels) become more of a known factor.

New Balance Minimus

Uncle Sam decided to give me a little tax money back so I was able to go purchase a couple pairs of shoes I’ve had my eyes on for some time; the New Balance Minimus Trail and Minimus Road.

I’m really pleased with both pairs so far, I think New Balance really nailed it for me with these shoes.

New Balance Minumus: Road (front) and Trail.

Minimus Trail:

I ran 4 miles of trail in them today, doing at least 8 stream crossings in the process, without wearing socks.  These seem very well suited to sockless running, I’ve yet to detect any hot spots (I’ve had problems with my MT101s cutting/blistering me on long, wet and sandy runs without socks).

I think they have just enough stiffness, tread, pretty low heal-toe drop, and a nice snug, sock-like fit.  They drain well also.  I’m faster in these than my VFF Sprints; just enough sharp/rock protection while still maintaining good trail feel.  I think I could push these into pretty long run territory, maybe 15 miles or so.  They’re a nice step in between barefoot and my MT101s for more protection/distance.

Minimus Road:

I’ve been doing track workouts and was in need of a new general road shoe as well.  The Minimus Road immediately felt great.  Again, very minimal seams and edges, likely a great shoes for no socks.  The heel cup is slightly stiff, but the structure is foam and flexes well- I don’t foresee rubbing issues.  Great fit and feel in these shoes as well- they really dissappear on the foot.  I’ve yet to run in these, will post after some mileage.


Looking forward to putting the two to good use; I plan on registering for the Bishop High Sierra 50K in the coming days, the race being on May 21st.  9 weeks to get ready.


Thoughts on going slow, on achieving a greater degree of sustainability; not new or original thoughts by any means.

  • A re commitment to a minimum of one car-free day per week, no small task given I work 60 miles round-trip from home.
  • One no-tech day per week.  Upon arriving home, throw the main breaker: a night of candlelight, cooking outside on a wood fire, reading and playing games with the kids.  I’ve noticed an intense calm and silence come over the house when doing this: it cannot be achieved in the same way by simply not using appliances.  When merely refraining from using electronics and appliances but leaving the power on, one can still detect the buzz of the refrigerator, the lights of dormant electrical devices.  By killing the power there is real silence.  (I’ve often questioned whether I have a hypersensitivity to electrical devices/fields)  I suppose I will have to go purchase a mechanical alarm clock.
  • Additional time in the garden

Tri Training, Week 3 Summary

Overall, an OK week.  Still not pouring on big miles, just getting into a regular routine of running/biking/swimming and doing my best to create a logical schedule. Completed at least 2 workouts for each sport, finding that 3X workouts are harder to manage than I first thought.  That’s the primary goal for week 4: complete a 3X schedule and get a big swim in, at least 2 miles cumulative.

Monday: rest

Tuesday:  (AM) Run; 3 miles, track. (PM) Swim; 500 kick, 500 pull, 500 freestyle, 100 freestyle cool down.  1600 meters total.

Wednesday: Bike; 16 miles, 58:00.  With about 4 miles of good climbing.

Thursday:  Run; 1.5 miles.  Tried to take the dog out for a 3 mile , but she was being a punk.  (I realized she’s scared running at night and does way better during daylight).

Friday:  Swim; 1000 meters easy freestyle, broken into 100s and 200s. (lost count).

Saturday:  (AM) Run; 3 miles.  (PM) Run; 10 miles…7 of it on trail, 3 on road.  I hate road.  I’m finding I actually feel really good on the 2nd PM workouts I do.

Sunday:  Bike; 16 miles, same route as Wed.


Run:  17.5 miles

Bike:  32 miles

Swim:  2600 meters


I’m thinking that sometime in the next 2 weeks I’ll do  a solo, pool-based Olympic distance triathlon (.93 swim, 24.8 bike, 6.2 run)  out of the Rose Bowl.