Craig Wisner

Tri Training, Week 3 Summary

Overall, an OK week.  Still not pouring on big miles, just getting into a regular routine of running/biking/swimming and doing my best to create a logical schedule. Completed at least 2 workouts for each sport, finding that 3X workouts are harder to manage than I first thought.  That’s the primary goal for week 4: complete a 3X schedule and get a big swim in, at least 2 miles cumulative.

Monday: rest

Tuesday:  (AM) Run; 3 miles, track. (PM) Swim; 500 kick, 500 pull, 500 freestyle, 100 freestyle cool down.  1600 meters total.

Wednesday: Bike; 16 miles, 58:00.  With about 4 miles of good climbing.

Thursday:  Run; 1.5 miles.  Tried to take the dog out for a 3 mile , but she was being a punk.  (I realized she’s scared running at night and does way better during daylight).

Friday:  Swim; 1000 meters easy freestyle, broken into 100s and 200s. (lost count).

Saturday:  (AM) Run; 3 miles.  (PM) Run; 10 miles…7 of it on trail, 3 on road.  I hate road.  I’m finding I actually feel really good on the 2nd PM workouts I do.

Sunday:  Bike; 16 miles, same route as Wed.


Run:  17.5 miles

Bike:  32 miles

Swim:  2600 meters


I’m thinking that sometime in the next 2 weeks I’ll do  a solo, pool-based Olympic distance triathlon (.93 swim, 24.8 bike, 6.2 run)  out of the Rose Bowl.


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