Craig Wisner


Thoughts on going slow, on achieving a greater degree of sustainability; not new or original thoughts by any means.

  • A re commitment to a minimum of one car-free day per week, no small task given I work 60 miles round-trip from home.
  • One no-tech day per week.  Upon arriving home, throw the main breaker: a night of candlelight, cooking outside on a wood fire, reading and playing games with the kids.  I’ve noticed an intense calm and silence come over the house when doing this: it cannot be achieved in the same way by simply not using appliances.  When merely refraining from using electronics and appliances but leaving the power on, one can still detect the buzz of the refrigerator, the lights of dormant electrical devices.  By killing the power there is real silence.  (I’ve often questioned whether I have a hypersensitivity to electrical devices/fields)  I suppose I will have to go purchase a mechanical alarm clock.
  • Additional time in the garden

One response

  1. Good plan, Craig. I like the intention and there’s some good ideas toward helping realize Simple Living. I’m most impressed by throwing the main breaker (fridge?). If we weren’t going to live for a year with or without such things, including hot water, I’d do the same. Heck, maybe I’ll pave the way and mimic that one.

    I’ve done/tried similar “tricks”. We instituted a One Fork, One Spoon, One Cup, One Plate, One Bowl rule, and each person was responsible for cleaning their own at the end of a meal. Gone was the stack of dishes and the heaviness of dishwashing.

    cheers Craig!

    March 18, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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