Craig Wisner

New Balance Minimus

Uncle Sam decided to give me a little tax money back so I was able to go purchase a couple pairs of shoes I’ve had my eyes on for some time; the New Balance Minimus Trail and Minimus Road.

I’m really pleased with both pairs so far, I think New Balance really nailed it for me with these shoes.

New Balance Minumus: Road (front) and Trail.

Minimus Trail:

I ran 4 miles of trail in them today, doing at least 8 stream crossings in the process, without wearing socks.  These seem very well suited to sockless running, I’ve yet to detect any hot spots (I’ve had problems with my MT101s cutting/blistering me on long, wet and sandy runs without socks).

I think they have just enough stiffness, tread, pretty low heal-toe drop, and a nice snug, sock-like fit.  They drain well also.  I’m faster in these than my VFF Sprints; just enough sharp/rock protection while still maintaining good trail feel.  I think I could push these into pretty long run territory, maybe 15 miles or so.  They’re a nice step in between barefoot and my MT101s for more protection/distance.

Minimus Road:

I’ve been doing track workouts and was in need of a new general road shoe as well.  The Minimus Road immediately felt great.  Again, very minimal seams and edges, likely a great shoes for no socks.  The heel cup is slightly stiff, but the structure is foam and flexes well- I don’t foresee rubbing issues.  Great fit and feel in these shoes as well- they really dissappear on the foot.  I’ve yet to run in these, will post after some mileage.


Looking forward to putting the two to good use; I plan on registering for the Bishop High Sierra 50K in the coming days, the race being on May 21st.  9 weeks to get ready.


2 responses

  1. Nice Craig.

    12 miles is my farthest run in the Minimus Trail so far, and that is about my threshold in them right now before my lower legs start to catch up with me and bitch and moan. I’m still transitioning from the 101’s and working them in my runs and will continue to. For me, the reduction to a 4mm drop has actually been considerable enough that I’m feeling achiness and tenderness post run in muscles/tendons I haven’t in the past. It’s all good though, part of the process. What has been not so welcomed is having cactus needles punch through the non-rubberized scallops/cutouts on the outsole, I’ve been sidelined several times yanking out thorns… it’ll teach me to be lighter on me feet I hope.

    What are your impressions of the Minimus Road in regard to the cushion? There is definitely more foam in the shoe overall. Currently I’m running in my Adidas Adizero pro flats (flat but narrow) for road but once they’re toast I’ll be looking for a road shoe.

    If you’re willing to take a scalpel to your brand new pair of Minimus Trail, there is a simple mod to freeing up some latent width in the upper forefoot region above the metatarsals. The rubber strap that archs across the metatarsal region can be snipped on one of the segments, the section closest to your ‘pinky’, this allows the stretch mesh upper to give some…like 1/4-1/2″. I caught it here a few weeks ago:

    The dude’s kind of sensational and over the top, but he did free up some room in the upper.

    March 20, 2011 at 10:52 am

  2. What’s up Eugene!
    If the Minimus trail is the lowest drop you’ve had so far I’m betting you’re feeling it in your arches, Achilles, and calves?

    I was wondering about the non-rubberized parts of the outsole too…where I run, it’s all dirt/rock, worst case I figure I’ll get little pebbles lodged in there. Thankfully, I don’t deal with cactus here!

    As for the road, it’s not that minimal, probably on par with most racing flats out there. I’ve never run in the Adizeros, but the Minimus looks very similar. I’ve been running in Asics Gel Hyperspeed 4s and the Minimus is maybe just slightly flatter/lighter, but a much better fit for me. My Hyperspeeds have a plastic heel cup that bugs me- I really don’t like stiffness there, especially since I don’t like socks. The Minimus’ heel cup is defined, but pretty flexible- not stiff plastic.

    Cutting the rubber strap on the trails is interesting- they are snug up there, though I don’t think enough to bother me. I think the snugness might actually help reduce foot slide on the downhill, helpful when going sockless? Haven;t run in them enough to know yet, but not a bad idea.

    March 20, 2011 at 11:48 am

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