Craig Wisner

A Change in Focus

I’ll be shifting away from tri training and working on my distance running in the coming months.

Swimming wasn’t working out so well.  While surfing about a week ago something in my left shoulder started really bugging when paddling and though it’s getting better,  it’s bothered me ever since.  So swimming is out for a while.

I’ve signed up for the High Desert Bishop 50K on May 21st so my training will be focused primarily on distance running for the time being.  I’m also very tempted to sign up for the North Face 50 Mile in Sausalito, CA this coming December.  Put it on the calendar, pay my money, and just go run it.  It’ll serve as good motivation.

Getting my legs back into longer weeks and consecutive running days, aiming for 35 miles this week and building.   I got lazy in my logging over the last few weeks; I’ll try to be more regular.  I still have everything down in my paper book.  It’s starting to get hot out there; I worked the dog pretty good on a 4 mile today.

On the note of running, I really love this blog, especially the last post and the Edward Abbey quote.  Jeff is a great writer, check it out:

The Logic of Long Distance


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