Craig Wisner

Running Summary: 3/28-4/3

Monday: 5 miles, easy trail

Tuesday: 4 miles, easy trail (with Mushka)

Wednesday: 11 miles trail, mixed terrain…lot’s of downed trees, stream crossings, scrambling.  2:11:45

Thursday: off…not feeling good

Friday: off…sick

Saturday: off…feeling better

Sunday: Beginning of Joshua Tree Solo on CRHT: biked 37.22 miles followed by ~31 miles of hiking.

Total: 51 Miles. Due to overall difficulty, I’m counting the hiking miles.  Good training for ultra anyhow; many hours on the feet.

Mushka Miles: 4 MilesI gave super-pup a rest this week.

Running thoughts for the upcoming week:

1.  Recover from the weekend

2.  Look into a shoe with more structure for everything over ~20 miles; something with more cushion but little heel-toe drop.  NB MT101s are 10mm.  The Brooks Cascadia 6 is 11mm, pretty close.

3.  My feet did really well in J Tree this weekend, no blisters or issues.

4.  Get in a 20 mile run next weekend.

5.  Begin weight training/crossfit again.


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