Craig Wisner

Running Summary: 4/4-4/10

Monday:  Hike, 7 Miles…Finishing Joshua Tree crossing

Tuesday: Run, road: 3.1 miles, easy

Wednesday:  Run, trail: 4 miles to waterfall, with Mushka

Thursday:  off

Friday:  Run, mixed:  9 Miles, Rose Bowl loop from home

Saturday:  Run, trail: 5.7 Miles, Echo Mtn.

Sunday:  Run, mixed: 5 Miles, Devils Gate Damn from home- with Mushka

Total Run: 26.8 Miles

Total Hiked:  7 Miles

Weekly Total:  33.8 Miles

Mushka Miles:  9 Miles

The dog is running better and better!  More confident, fewer distractions, she follows two feet behind me.  She’s running FAR better in the city as well; not getting spooked by cars and doing well on the leash.  It looks like she’s really coming into her own as a runner.

I never got in a very long run this week; it was my birthday on Friday and family plans throughout the weekend messed my schedule up.  Overall, still a productive week I’m happy with.  The New Balance Minimus, both road and trail, are proving to be excellent shoes.  All my mileage has been in them with the exception of my hike.

Looking forward to a new week.  I have to do something over 18 miles this coming weekend.

I’m questioning whether or not I should sign up for the North Face 50 Mile in Sausalito next December.  I hear it sells out quickly…


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