Craig Wisner

Running Summary, 4/11-4/17

Monday: off

Tuesday:  4 miles, track.  1 mile warmup, 8 x 200, 4 x 400, 1 mile cool down

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday:  Ross Training- Ross Interval Challenge: 23 minutes.  1 mile warmup.  12 burpees, 24 pushups, 36 body weight squats, 400 meter sprint.  Repeat sequence four times as fast as possible.

Saturday:  5 miles, easy trail running.  To Devils Gate dam and back with Mushka.  Mushka met her first rattlesnake and didn’t do anything stupid!

Sunday:  Climbing; bouldering session at Stoney Point

Total:  11  miles

Mushka Miles: 5 miles

This week kicked my butt.  Not the workouts, but going back to work after two weeks off.  I was exhausted, having trouble mustering the energy to run much.  That’s OK, I’ll pick up the miles again this week.  Time is running out to get in my long runs before the 50K on May 21st…gotta get in a 15+, 20+, and 25 mile prior to tapering for the race, which really only leaves the next couple weekends.  I guess I know what I’m doing at 5 am for the next few Saturdays…

On cross training:  Ross completely kicked my butt with the interval challenge.  During the workout I felt good (despite it being pretty intense…I had a sky-high heart rate from the first moment).  The next day I felt like I was hit by a truck- I haven’t been that sore in a long time.  I didn’t realize how serious of an ab workout burpees are, especially when followed by pushups (which are essentially a plank), followed by squats (which are more core than one realizes).  I’ve been through the P90x ab workout countless times and have never felt as sore afterward; Ross is definitely on to something with the short, ultra-high intensity training.  I look forward to mixing in 3-4 more of his workouts per week. 

Ross Training

Ross is the man, I love his style of workout.

On the note of high-intensity, I’m beginning to feel the payoffs from my track running as well.  Coming from a mileage-oriented focus, I’ve never really worked on speed or intervals, but I’m finding they easily translate into longer running.  I don’t have to slowly pound the trails for hours on every run; short, high-intensity runs/intervals seem to do the trick in half the time.  I was worried I wouldn’t be logging enough mileage to feel OK on long runs, but I think the reverse is true- I’m actually feeling really strong when running long these days.  I think one long run/week is plenty when mixed with short, hard days (including cross training).

Finally, I climbed outside for the first time in many months on Sunday, a two hour evening session bouldering at Stoney Point.  Given all my time off and a complete lack of climbing-specific training over the last year, I was blown away to able to cruise some favorites there…including Leaping Lizard (V5).   I never expected to pull that off after so much time off!   A really fun evening, I forgot how much I miss climbing.  I’d love to get on a rope next weekend if there’s time.


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