Craig Wisner

Death or Glory.

My 50K is coming up in Bishop this Saturday morning at 6am.  From what I gather there’s snow and cold temps in the higher reaches with a chance of rain throughout the day.  Plagued by a few recent weeks of what I consider to be poor training, I can’t say I’m real confident about this one.  I’ve found every reason to talk myself out of it along the way- only to counter with an equally powerful argument of why I should just suck it up and go run.  This waffling has gone on for a few weeks now, to the point that I’m sick of being in my head about it.

I have to go.

DNF, DFL, a limping finish, or Supreme Glory of the Miraculous Sort…come what may, staying at home this weekend and backing out will be far more regrettable than any other alternative.

I may not be running at my best, but I will run.  One thing is for certain: there is no glory on the couch.  So I will run.


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