Craig Wisner

Lightweight Comfort Gearlist

Based upon the previous post When Ultralight May Not Be Ultrasimple, this is the gearlist that I’ve created including a 2011  MSR Hubba tent as well as an inflatable pad.  I’ll soon post a review of the Hubba as well as my rationale behind choosing it , but so far, I really like this little tent compared to others I’ve used.

The list was created with my upcoming Lost Coast (including the Sinkyone section) yo-yo in mind, thus the bear canister, but not including my surf fishing kit (which has not been finalized).  The list is also based upon 5 days/4 nights of food and would be more than comfortable for 3 seasons in any weather, bug conditions, or locale that I have backpacked in  so far.  Could I make it lighter?  Absolutely.  But that is not the point of a kit like this- it is for long evenings in camp, 20-25 mile days, sleeping comfortably, and taking my time.  Fast trips require a much different, far more spartan list.

My base weight with this list is a little over 12.5 pounds.  But note that without a bear canister, I would only be a touch over 10 lbs…Skirting ultralight while still carrying a freestanding, double-wall tent and an inflatable pad.  As previously expected, these comforts add only 2 pounds to the typical ~8 pound base that I carry.  So what’s two pounds?

Lightweight Comfort Gearlist for 3 Seasons


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