Craig Wisner

Chickens in the garden…

...with my beautiful bird-tamer.

Thanks to my daughter, the chickens are grown and very tame.  For weeks she’d go outside, open the coop, and sit with grass in her hands until they were comfortable enough to get onto her lap and eat.  We owe their friendliness entirely to her- neither my wife nor I have had the time to tame them.  They come out during the day now, roaming and doing what chickens do; plucking bugs from the weeds and fighting one another for the coveted earthworm (Yes, that looks like grass in my yard, but I assure you it’s all wild growth and weeds.  Grass doesn’t get water at my house).  They don’t like being put back in the coop…this is where the dog on a leash comes in handy to corral them back in She loves to chase them, thoroughly enjoying sending them into a panic- though she won’t bite if she catches one.  Eggs are due within a few weeks.  Everyone is healthy and happy- they’ve proven to be a real fun edition to the home.

Three of my neighbor’s chickens were killed this weekend, two Cochins and a white Silkie.  We couldn’t tell if it was raccoon or coyote, but something killed two without too much gore and took the third one with it, leaving only a feather pile in the front yard.  Given the fencing of his yard, I have a hard time believing it was coyotes.  Needless to say, I just got back in from fortifying the coop, sinking more cinder block around the perimeter to seal it from digging attempts.  Stakeout with the compound bow?


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