Craig Wisner

My running is over…

…at least for a little while.

Who knows, time will tell.

What I though was some minor aggravation in my left knee at the end of my 50K doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone.  It’s now actually worse than what I experienced during the 50K.

At roughly mile 30, I started to feel a tendinitis-like burning on the inside edge of my kneecap.  It got worse over the next 4 miles, but I shoved it to the back of my mind, finished, and it promptly went away.

The day after, however, it was persistent all day, despite stretching and ice.   There was even a bit of a tearing sensation when I squatted- odd, because there was no feeling of trauma or tearing during the run.

By day 4, after days of regular icing, I was certain it had gone away, having absolutely no pain.   I tried to run an easy 5K with the dog…but didn’t make it 200 meters before I was limping again.

So I waited over a week.  Again, zero pain during any daily activity.  I was able to do a crossfit workout, including body weight squats.  So I tried another easy 5K.  This time I thought I was fine, the first mile rolling by comfortably.  But by 1.25 miles a slight burn started.  By 1.5 miles, I was limping again, with a painful 1.5 miles to get home.  That night, the pain strangely migrated from the side of my kneecap to just above it.

So it looks like I’m out for a while.  Whatever it is seems to only be bothered by running.  At times it feels like tendinitis, but others there is a tearing sensation.

It looks like I have to find something else to keep me busy for a few months.  Of course now that I can’t run, it’s all I want to do.

I’m thinking about going full-on crossfit and rock climbing for the summer, coupled with a strict paleo diet…I’ve got to get on some sort of regimen.  But I’ll be damned if trying to get motivated about pumping iron in the garage isn’t hard when compared to a setting sun and wind in the face on a nice stretch of singletrack.


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