Craig Wisner

2012 JMT Fastpack

I’ve had to cancel this trip a few years in a row now.  First time due to getting permits for too early and the Sierra getting too much snow.  Second time I cancelled due to a sprained wrist/elbow from skateboarding followed by a sinus infection.  Hopefully, the third time works out better.  I’ve yet to finalize dates or get permits, but here are initial plans.

JMT Fastpack, southbound, full trail (Happy Isles to Whitney Summit), ~211 miles.  The plan is to try and come in under 7 days, with one resupply (likely at Muir Trail Ranch).  So that means I need to average a little over 30 miles/day.  Coming off what I hope will be one of my best ultrarunning seasons, I should be going into the Sierra well-conditioned.  I’m running the Grand Canyon R2R2R in mid-April, followed by plans to run the Bishiop High Sierra 50 Mile in late May.  That leaves most of June and July to train for the JMT, which I’ll likely do in late July.

Here’s my preliminary gearlist.  I’ll borrow the GG Spinntwinn shelter from a buddy.  The only things not included are axe and crampons- carrying them depends on when I go and what snow levels are, though I doubt they’ll be needed. Too bad I have to carry a bear canister, otherwise I’d be in the 7lb. base weight range.

JMT UL Fastpack Gearlist

Gearlist comments appreciated, though I don’t have too much flexibility as I’m trying not to buy any new gear this year.


3 responses

  1. Rob V.

    Hello Craig,
    Sounds like a blast, I am going to be hitting the JMT finally also this year, probably in early Sept.. You have way more experience than me on the trail, so I was going to ask you some questions instead of offering advice, haha. You have only the windshirt/windpants combo and no base layers – this looks tempting to me, but are you pushing the limits of comfort in this? I had been planning on taking a lightweight bpl merino top and cap 1 bottoms, if I can leave these at home I would drop around 10 – 12 oz. Good luck on your trip, I hope everything works out for you this time!
    -Rob V.

    January 16, 2012 at 5:10 pm

  2. Why a bivy and groundsheet?

    I’d be inclined to poncho-tarp it, and ditch the Driducks. Otherwise looks solid.

    January 19, 2012 at 11:18 am

    • I hear you on the poncho tarp, though I’m a little scared to. I got screwed in the Sierra one year with a tarp too small and storms too big. We’ll see…. All I have is an original GoLite model. With a long sized sleeping bag, it’s always felt a little short in heavy/prolonged rain- I get a lot of spray on my bag.

      As for bivy and groundsheet, yes, it’s redundant. Problem is, unless I stake it out or I’m sleeping inside it, I can never seem to keep it under me- I end up in the dirt. I figured I’d take the groundsheet on the likelihood I won’t be sleeping in the bivy every night. Maybe I should streamline and just plan on using it every day.

      Thanks for the comments

      January 19, 2012 at 9:18 pm

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