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San Jacinto, 5/26/2012

Some pics from my “Spines to Pines” trip up San Jacinto with Nick and Chad.  We took the Skyline Trail from the Palm Spring Art Museum to the tram station, continued through Round Valley, topping out at Wellman Divide.  ~18 miles total and almost 10,000 feet of gain.

Running (or Life): 5/14-5/20

Monday: 5.3 easy trail

Tuesday: 4 easy trail

Wednesday: off

Thursday:  7 easy trail

Friday: 3.5 easy trail

Saturday: 4 backpacking

Sunday: 4 backpacking

Total: 27.8 miles

Good week.  Not running on the weekend seemed to help my knee considerably; not feeling any tightness.  Ran a 5K yesterday with no pain or issues, so the walking likely helped.  Healing is coming along.  A free pair of replacement New Balance MT110s came in the mail today, will break them in tonight.

I was eating vegan for a few days, fell off during backpacking this weekend, back on for two days now.  I’m feeling good, trying new recipes, and raiding the local library for cookbooks.  One of the greatest difficulties is simply changing the way I think about food and so many of the habits that surround it. Many of the go-to snacks and comfort meals I once grabbed for are gone.  Rethinking shopping, trying to get a new sense of what basic ingredients to stock…all an adjustment.  But I feel good, both mentally and physically.

While I’m certainly no Buddhist, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about compassion and appreciation for life in all forms as advocated in many Buddhist and Shinto traditions.  While it may sound somewhat ridiculous, I’ve always felt a tinge of the monastic when vegan, due to the necessity of being present and avoiding mindless self-indulgence.

Reading Gary Snyder’s Turtle Island this morning I was struck by a verse in the poem “Spel [sic] Against Demons”:

The stifling self-indulgence in anger in the name of


must cease…

But I have to wonder: is it self-indulgence in anger or is our plight angry self-indulgence?  Or do they feed each other?

Running days…Return of the training log.

The recent Grand Canyon R2R2R (which I somehow never put together a trip report for) left me with a bum knee due to ITB pain.  I’ve been slowly building back up since then, showing great signs of progress; there’s always that fear that an injury will become something persistent- I know many a runner that have been taken out by this sort of thing. In the 4 weeks since the R2R2R, I’ve successively run (weekly) 1 mile, 6 miles, 13.5 miles, and now just finished a 34.5 mile week.  Very satisfied with the progress, this week was quite a jump, but nothing that aggravated my knee.  And surprisingly, all the running felt really easy (granted, I was keeping everything easy due to the knee).

So now plans are in the works for a ~48 mile Trans Zion Traverse this coming fall.  As my knee is coming along nicely, I’m very confident about training for this one.  The recent R2R2R taught me quite a bit and I’m feeling ready to step up to a different level of training and eating.  I didn’t want to switch anything up going into the last run, but with that behind me, I’m ready to make some changes.  I’m planning on going vegan (started a few days ago) for a stretch, so we’ll see how that goes.  The next few weeks will just be some base building again, making sure my knee can handle it.

I want to return to a weekly training summary here.  I log/graph miles on RunningAhead, but I’d like a place to express training progress/ideas.

5/7 thru 5/13:

M: 5K easy road

T: 2.4 easy road, 1 easy w/Sage

W: 4 easy trail, 1 easy w/Sage

Th: off

F: 5 easy trail

S: 10 hike, 2900′

Su: 8 easy trail

Weekly total: 34.5 miles