Craig Wisner

Running days…Return of the training log.

The recent Grand Canyon R2R2R (which I somehow never put together a trip report for) left me with a bum knee due to ITB pain.  I’ve been slowly building back up since then, showing great signs of progress; there’s always that fear that an injury will become something persistent- I know many a runner that have been taken out by this sort of thing. In the 4 weeks since the R2R2R, I’ve successively run (weekly) 1 mile, 6 miles, 13.5 miles, and now just finished a 34.5 mile week.  Very satisfied with the progress, this week was quite a jump, but nothing that aggravated my knee.  And surprisingly, all the running felt really easy (granted, I was keeping everything easy due to the knee).

So now plans are in the works for a ~48 mile Trans Zion Traverse this coming fall.  As my knee is coming along nicely, I’m very confident about training for this one.  The recent R2R2R taught me quite a bit and I’m feeling ready to step up to a different level of training and eating.  I didn’t want to switch anything up going into the last run, but with that behind me, I’m ready to make some changes.  I’m planning on going vegan (started a few days ago) for a stretch, so we’ll see how that goes.  The next few weeks will just be some base building again, making sure my knee can handle it.

I want to return to a weekly training summary here.  I log/graph miles on RunningAhead, but I’d like a place to express training progress/ideas.

5/7 thru 5/13:

M: 5K easy road

T: 2.4 easy road, 1 easy w/Sage

W: 4 easy trail, 1 easy w/Sage

Th: off

F: 5 easy trail

S: 10 hike, 2900′

Su: 8 easy trail

Weekly total: 34.5 miles


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