Craig Wisner

Sierra XC Loop: 7/3 thru 7/8/2012

North Lake to Lamarck Col to Darwin Canyon to Evolution Valley to Mt. Solomons to Evolution Valley to Goddard Canyon to Piute Canyon to Humphreys Basin to Desolation Lake to Piute Pass…and back to North Lake.  Whew.

More info and reports on this trip can be found on BPL here (pre-trip) and here (post trip).

Looking back on North Lake.


Approaching Lamarck Col.


The Posse: Casey, Jack, Adan, Craig, James.


Getting over the Col.


Darwin Canyon from Lamarck Col.


At rest in Darwin Bench.


Approaching Evolution Valley from Darwin Canyon.


Evening at Evolution Lake.


Wanda Lake, Mt. Solomons and the Goddard Divide above.


The Muir Hut with Solomons in background.


Mt. Goddard from the ridge below Solomons summit.


Wanda Lake from Mt. Solomons summit.


Looking into Ionian Basin and Enchanted Gorge from Solomons summit.


Grub: Mashed potatoes, veggie morning sausage, Parmesan cheese, and wild onion on tortilla.


High country: Humphreys Basin.


Humphreys Basin.


Practicing my cloud bursting.


Adan and Jack: dinner at Desolation Lake Cafe.



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