Craig Wisner

Cucamonga Peak, Bighorn Peak, Ontario Peak. 8/16/12

Went out for some peak bagging this morning, starting to prep for Zion.

Icehouse Canyon>>>Icehouse Saddle (7555′)>>>Cucamonga Peak (8859′)>>>Bighorn Peak (8441′) via XC east ridge>>>Ontario Peak (8693′)>>>Icehouse Saddle and return.

~16 miles, about 5000′ gain.

East ridge of Bighorn peak from approach to Cucamonga.  The sheep have done a fine job creating some trails here.

Bighorn Ridge and Ontario Peak (far left)

Cucamonga Peak

Bighorn just shy of Bighorn Peak.
“Bighorn don’t attack people…Do bighorn attack people?”
…Visions of getting ram-jammed and a crushed ribcage…
Had to circumnavigate the peak to get around them. They weren’t too worried about me, I got within 20 meters.

Sheep from above.

Bighorn Peak. Baldy Bowl in distance on left.

Bighorn Ridge, looking toward Ontario Peak.

Ontario Peak.


One response

  1. Jeremy

    BEAST MODE!!! Glad to see you’re still alive and hoofing it! You’re going to be one of those dudes who are like 90 years old and still running marathons. Awesome.

    August 22, 2012 at 2:37 am

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