Craig Wisner

Finding Our Way. 8/18 thru 8/19 2012

“The names of the cerros and the sierras and the deserts exist only on maps. We name them that we do not lose our way. Yet it was because the way was lost to us already that we have made those names. The world cannot be lost. We are the ones. And it is because these names and these coordinates are our own naming that they cannot save us. They cannot find for us the way again.”
― Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing


We have done this trip so many times now, so many seasons and ages, it has all become so natural and easy.  A sleeping bag, a bed sheet, a headlamp and a sack of food.  A familiar drive, a stop for coffee and a snack.  Simplicity; no need for planning anything, we find ourselves sleeping side by side in the open, shirtless and without covers, discussing stars and trees and the sounds of  river voices until drifting off.  We sleep in until 9AM, get up, swim, waiting for sunlight to enter the canyon and hit our pool, warming.  A gift, all of it.


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