Craig Wisner

In the Ocean This Morning…

A fleeting strobe

-lightning reflected on the face

of an incoming wave

Paddling out through raindrops, texture

on an otherwise glassy sea

The radio spoke to me of nukes this morning

and I’m trying to forget

It spoke of Little Boy and Fat Man

New Mexican uranium mines

and Oppenheimer fancying himself

-or was it us

the Hindu destroyer of worlds

All things I cannot begin to comprehend

things I do not want to comprehend

and I’m trying to forget

Before I can think too much

I’m saved-

A sea lion presents its head

peering at me quietly from dog-like eyes,

a slick black skull

close enough I can see water drip

from eyelids, earflaps, and whiskers

It floats upright, bobbing in the swells

just like a man, as big as a man

Yet knowing nothing

or enough

of man

to stay just out of reach




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