Craig Wisner

The Morning Hunt

Waves too flat to surf, the morning called for spearing off a local jetty.  In the water by 6:30AM and first light, the tide was calm and low, exposing some rock structure that’s normally deeper and a little harder to hunt.  Visibility a mere 6′, the tip of my spear disappears into the dark.  Lips and face numb from cold, diving, the bottom appears out of a murky green nowhere.

Waiting, watching, stalking.  Silence.

My breath-holding is getting better, more relaxed.  Enter a world of starfish, anemone, of gliding and pulling myself between rocks and into small crevices.  I found one spot I kept returning to, a crevice at about 15-20′ deep that was a perfect size to crouch upright in, wedging my legs between the rocks to steady against the tide, it afforded a good view.  Be ready to shoot fast, as the fish emerge from nowhere.  Within 20 minutes of diving we have three good sized perch between us.  When I started spearfishing it struck me as somewhat improbable and absurd -yet beautifully primal- to be able to swim into the ocean and successfully hunt with nothing but a spear.  Now I’m beginning to believe it’s more productive than using a hook and line.

IMG_2033 (1024x683)


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