Craig Wisner

Wegener Egg

It’s about time I got some pics of my newest board up…A custom egg by Jon Wegener.

My buddy John recommended him to me after riding a custom Bluegill by Wegener.  I liked the idea of supporting a shaper and surfer over getting a big-name, off the rack board from a shop, especially as the price was going to be the same.  I see this as an artist quite a bit; people forgo buying handmade work on the assumption that it will be far more expensive.  Yet most craftspeople are well aware that they have to be competitive.  If the pricepoint is similar, I don’t see why someone would opt for a factory made board when instead they could have a conversation with a shaper and design a board suited to who they are and where they ride.  I suppose it often comes down to which label you want to advertise; the one everyone sees in Surfer mags vs. something lesser known.

Dimensions: 7′ x 21 1/4″ x 3″ with a 2+1 fin setup.  (FCS sidebites with a 7 1/4″ Dale Dobson fiberglass center fin).  Glassed in 6-6-6 for durability, as I’m not worried about a little extra weight.

I wanted something with volume for small days and easy paddling, but still nimble enough to carve.  I talking with Jon about essentially building the “if you only had one” board for Southern California.  Fast and smooth, so far I love it.  I even have my logo glassed in on the bottom.

IMG_1888 (1024x471)


IMG_1890 (1024x515)




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