Craig Wisner

Sespe. 5/31 thru 6/1/2013

A surprisingly uncrowded overnight on the Sespe after work on Friday.  Living the dream; managed a good surf session in the morning, followed by sleeping in the mountains that evening.  Who could complain?  I was joined by Suranga, one of my favorite ex-students home from college for the summer.  Every piece of his gear was generously donated thru BPL members to the outdoor club I run at my school.

It’s my understanding that the Sespe is one of the last waterways in California that has not been dammed or channeled with concrete.  Flows were surprisingly low already; last year at this exact time I had wade across several areas that appear to have been dry for weeks already.  From what I can tell, we’ve got a seriously dry looking summer ahead of us this year.

1 (683x1024)

2 (2) (1024x683)

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4 (683x1024)

Blessed Cowboy Coffee.

5 (1024x683)

Anyone that has hiked the Sespe knows this spot. We were swimming and soaking at dusk, getting circled by bats dipping the water. An 18″ swimming snake of some sort went cruising by as we were getting out. I need to make a point to come back and destroy the fire rings and clean this spot up. It’s a great campsite but gets pretty heavily abused in peak seasons.


One response

  1. In your last picture, I was about to say that I dont know where that is…The water is so low I didnt recognize it.

    June 3, 2013 at 9:26 am

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