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Black Diamond BBEE with Inov8 Mesh Pockets

Another simple mod to the BBEE pack.

After my last Joshua Tree CRHT crossing I realized I needed to add some access to food and gels without having to take off the pack and dig around.  I found the Inov8 mesh pockets on sale for $7 each at  They attach with 3 generously sized velcro straps that can be cut to length.  I had to sew some tabs onto the shoulder straps of the BBEE to accommodate them.   Super secure, each pouch has the capacity for 3 bars.



Sixty Lakes Basin, 8/15 thru 8/16/2013

I’m fortunate to live close enough to the Eastern Sierra that I can sneak in a solo overnight on a whim.  Despite logging 27 nights in a sleeping bag over the course of the summer up to this point, I was feeling a little greedy realizing summer vacation would soon be coming to an end…I had to get one more quickie in.  My wife saw the wild and restless look in my eyes and I was soon out the door with her blessings.  Every time I’m in the area I kick myself for not doing this more.  I left the house at 0530, reaching the permit office in Lone Pine by 0930.  After securing a walk-in permit for Kearsarge Pass, I arrived at the Onion Valley trailhead by 1030 and found myself standing atop the ~12000′ pass by a little after noon.  I packed food for two nights, but had no real plan; perhaps I’d only be home in one.  The goal was simply to head in the direction of Sixty Lakes Basin, an area which I had not yet seen.

Over Kearsarge Pass, over Glenn Pass, and then some cross country over and down Rae Col, eventually descending into the upper Sixty Lakes Basin by the same afternoon.  The evening was spent exploring the lakes and in standard High Sierra fashion; cloud watching, sitting, listening, being.  It’s just so easy here.

With a mild bout of plantar fascitis in my left foot and the responsibilities of a new school year for both my children and I looming in the back of my mind, I decided to call it quits at one night, hiking back out the way I came on day 2.  Arriving back at the car by about 1300, I was home in time for dinner with the family.

I really need to do this more.

I’m open to sponsorships if anyone would like to donate a car that gets 40+ miles to the gallon.

One day I will return and that summit pillar will be gone.  What I'd give to see it fall..

One day I will return and that summit pillar will be gone. What I’d give to see it fall..

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