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Oceans and Animals.

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Kelp, waves, sun, and salt.

Sunburn, cracked lips, and squint-lines etched into the face.  A good day.

Pulling off of a wave too steep and deep to catch, I look straight down and make eye contact with a man-sized seal.  I see it duck and disappear into the wave as it curls, exiting the back with a shadow darting right beneath me.  It’s now behind me, head out of the water and staring.  “What are you and why are you here?”.  More staring.   Mostly indifference with a hint of curiosity and distrust.

There was talk of a 20′ white shark in one of the exact spots we were surfing.  It was apparently patrolling the coast solo for about 6 months.

Spinner dolphins by the hundreds racing the channel, calves leaping and breaking the surface beside mothers, pulling into the wake of our boat.

I take great comfort in a mostly unseen world of creatures, a whole universe operating in pure ignorance -as best as they can- of human bullshit.

Little Things.

Bowl: Cone 5 glazed stoneware Spoon: hand carved curly birch, flax seed oil.

Bowl: Cone 5 glazed stoneware.  Spoon: hand carved curly birch, flax seed oil.

Bowl and spoon: simple and open, humble tools for daily living.

Working wood, turning clay.  An exercise in mindfulness.  If we cannot pay attention and discover beauty and joy in the little things…

(More wooden utensils to come.  John has given me a stockpile of various quality hardwoods and a new bandsaw is on my shortlist.)