Craig Wisner

Oceans and Animals.

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Kelp, waves, sun, and salt.

Sunburn, cracked lips, and squint-lines etched into the face.  A good day.

Pulling off of a wave too steep and deep to catch, I look straight down and make eye contact with a man-sized seal.  I see it duck and disappear into the wave as it curls, exiting the back with a shadow darting right beneath me.  It’s now behind me, head out of the water and staring.  “What are you and why are you here?”.  More staring.   Mostly indifference with a hint of curiosity and distrust.

There was talk of a 20′ white shark in one of the exact spots we were surfing.  It was apparently patrolling the coast solo for about 6 months.

Spinner dolphins by the hundreds racing the channel, calves leaping and breaking the surface beside mothers, pulling into the wake of our boat.

I take great comfort in a mostly unseen world of creatures, a whole universe operating in pure ignorance -as best as they can- of human bullshit.


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  1. Very nice

    October 14, 2013 at 9:01 am

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