Craig Wisner

Dive Board

Exiting the water after a one hour shore dive, I’m halfway back in when I hear a boat approaching.  Turning around and treading water, an over 30′ boat comes tearing through the kelp beds that I was spearing in only 10 minutes ago.  That could’ve been bad.

Time for a dive flag and float.  I’m really impressed with the Banks Board, but it’s essentially a $200 boogey board float.  So rigged this up:

IMG_3847 (586x1024)

IMG_3849 (1024x871)

I glued in some threaded PVC for the flag mount, zip tied a cargo net on, and connected my catch bag.  I flipped the leash plug so the rope is on the bottom and connected a clamp to the leash for a kelp clip.  I haven’t been anywhere that I couldn’t use a kelp clip as an anchor so I’m not worried about carrying a weight just yet.  It holds all of my gear for the approach and I’ve rigged a set of backpack straps for climbing/long walks.

I like the added security of having this as a float, especially when going solo.  At least I’ll have a sort of “home base” in the event of cramping, tiring, etc.

And I have a flag so I don’t get run over.

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  1. Two words: White. People.

    January 24, 2014 at 8:24 pm

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