Craig Wisner

Spearing, 3/16/14

North of Malibu with Adan, in the water at sunrise.  The boogie board dive float works well; a nice base camp for storing fish, water, and gear.  Visibility wasn’t great, but still doable.  I shot one small perch; not many other opportunities presented themselves as fish were sparse.

The highlight of my diving was discovering an octopus lair.  Deep within a crevice I spot a large pile of empty shells strewn about, the garbage pile of an old underwater recluse piled outside its doorstep.  The the actual lair was too deep to find the creature living inside of it; I tried to stick my head in on successive attempts but couldn’t penetrate the darkness.  I like to imagine an old fellow sitting back in the darkness wondering about me.  I wouldn’t mind being an octopus.

I’m enjoying doing gyotaku, starting to get a feel for things.



Perch gyotaku.

Perch gyotaku.


One response

  1. mountain mike

    Gyotaku is looking better than I expected. I may have been skeptical at first.

    Tako tako – octopus

    March 19, 2014 at 11:16 am

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