Craig Wisner


“I find there is a distinct difference between the flesh of a wild animal and that of a domestic one.  Wild animals seem to have a quality that is missing in domestic creatures.  When we think of the conditions under which a chicken, for example, must live and grow then these differences become apparent.  Chickens live in a dirty, crowded environment; they are fed processed foods filled with chemicals, they are filthy and weak.  I think this kind of existence is bound to affect every fiber of that chicken’s being; it is spiritless and incomplete.  The white sea bass is as wild as an animal can be;  free and mobile, it roams the underwater wilderness at will.  It is alive because it is strong and it must hunt for its food, eating other equally strong and wild creatures.  The white sea bass is a clean, powerful and spirit-filled warrior living a life it was meant to live.  This kind of existence must also affect every fiber of its being.  I question why I should accept a life that is any less noble than that of a white sea bass.”

-Carlos Eyles, Last of the Blue Water Hunters




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