Craig Wisner

High Sierra Glimpses.

The remnants of a trip over Taboose Pass and into the promised land with Tom.

1 (2)

2 (1024x576)

A distant cascade

echoes off talus walls

-breeze stirring the pines
3 (576x1024)

Coyote slips into the grove

behind me

four ears listening,

two of us


4 (1024x576)

5 (576x1024).jpg

A blood stain

on the grass beside

Bench Lake

-I wash my hands

as two trout heads


into the depths

Steaks lined upon a log

scales gleaming in the sun

-your life

into mine

(I cried upon finishing my soup)

6 (1024x576)

Waking from a nap-

two ants

drag a fly

from under my hat.

7 (1024x576)

A lone coyote

descends a rock shelf,

circles the lake

-leaving bird calls

in its wake

8 (1024x576)

9 (576x1024)

10 (1024x576)


No mosquitos!

Just birdsong,


11 (1024x576)Thunder sounds

tentbound now

-noodles will have to wait



and older


the hint of tears

in their eyes

One response

  1. Tom

    Thanks, Craig, for sharing…the beauty… the tears…the simple joy of being alive…there.

    September 16, 2016 at 5:01 pm

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