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The Yoga Studio.

I’ve been spending some time here.  No traffic, no parking issues, no outrageous fees.

I’m working off of videos from David Garrigues’ Ashtanga Primary Series; it seems to be what I need.  So many nagging injuries and imbalances to heal, I think taking it slower and focusing on yoga, diet, surfing, and walking is in order for a while.

yoga studio


DIY Pyramid Inner Tent

I just finished a pyramid inner to fit the MLD Solomid.  It’s a light, very robust little shelter, but the lack of an inner has left me limited in a few applications, namely during heavy rain and bug season.  This inner should help with splash, as well as keep gear contained and my long-sized sleeping bag from rubbing the foot.

Ticks have been getting a little worse around here; this is more comfortable than a bivy and will likely replace cowboy camping in tick-infested areas.  It’ll also make the Solomid a little more comfortable during High Sierra Mosquito season.

As long as you don’t look too closely at my seams…!  As the largest piece of gear I’ve sewn, I’m learning the hard way that long seams and slippery materials are a nightmare; much harder than sewing packs.  The next one would likely be far more well crafted, but it works fine.

Specs/materials:  1.1 silpoly (4000PU) floor, .67 netting body, #3 YKK zipper (all from Ripstop by the Roll).  Cut carbon 400 arrow shafts as corner struts. Total weight: 9.5 oz..  Dimensions are taken roughly from the MLD Pyramid Innernet (Solomid Size).  Total cost: $45.

Solomid, inner, stakes, a small polycryo groundsheet ,and stuffsack weigh in at 28 ounces total.


Playing in the Rain. (3/9-3/10/2018)

I meet a lot of people who’s worst nightmare is being stuck deep in the woods alone at night.  I slept better than I have in weeks.

Once upon a time I got out more often for overnights than most people I knew.  Morning birdsong and coffee in the rain tell me that it’s high time to get back to work.  My thesis nearly done and behind me, there now lies more important business to attend to- canyons and streams to be inventoried, desert washes requiring contemplation.