Craig Wisner

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Ask Forgiveness.

Pounced upon

by twilight demons-

runaway thoughts

rage and prayers

–prayers for the Angel of Sleep

to stave off another morning

of burning eyes

another day

of ragged-toothed anxiety


beneath the ribs.

I’m tired.

Even though

it’s not so bad

and shouldn’t feel so bad

I’m just so tired.


Seeking refuge by day

I have found

that hungry ghosts

cannot cross streams

and bare feet

in gravel and water

serve as protection

against a quivering heart.

Standing in a waterfall

arms outstretched

I ask forgiveness.

Under an outcropping

of desert shade-

ask forgiveness.

Ask on behalf of all beings,

ask it of salamander, cottonwood

frog, and rust-bellied towhee.

I ask forgiveness

and swear I’ll never

take it for granted