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Joshua Tree. 3/28~3/30/2019.

A two night/three day ramble with out-of-town friends Mike M. (Montana) and Doug I. (Washington).  In pursuit of sunshine.

1A mix of trail and cross country, revealing two new canyons and some good backcountry routes.234567Wreckage after the first night (Mike apparently praying a Hail Mary for warmth in the background?).  Poor site selection and lows far below what we were anticipating led to soaked bivies, bags that glazed with ice, and a very long, cold night.  We ended up reducing the next day’s mileage a bit to allow gear to dry.8Victim of my own words, the wet bag was a gift from the day before, likely linked to my lunchtime Sermon on the Mount extolling the virtues of suffering so one may enjoy comfort.  I suspect after the ensuing debacle my sermons will not be so welcome on future trips.9A lush time of year by desert standards, it was good to stretch the legs with friends to just walk and scramble all day…Daytime weather was perfection and night two passed far better.

101112For land so heavily shaped by water, it’s fascinating to find so little.  Nothing but a few hidden gems deep in canyons…though the animal residents of this world can likely account for every drop.1314