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Canyon Dweller.

Lingering words from canyon wanderings.  On a side note, I am quite pleased I can say that I have perfected cowboy coffee.

And then there is the Cycle of Things:

Seeing my son, so much older now

with The Burden in his eyes

and knowing all bets are off

as I’m not certain

I could save him

from the momentum

if I tried.

Confirming the level

of wine in my bottle

( 1/3 )

I deduce I ought

put another log

on the fire.

(for my wife in a dream)

I see you stuck in a mire

and I can only scream

off from a distance

that you’re beautiful

and should be free

and then hope

it will be enough.

a pitted iron stovepipe

breathing smoke

into the stars

My son

snoring in the tent now

flesh, bone

man-sized and


on the verge

of being set free.

I prefer pencil

as I know

when I’m running out.