Craig Wisner

Being in the Witness (Joshua Tree XC, 1/12 – 1/13)

“Acts have their being in the witness. Without him who can speak of it? In the end one could even say that the act is nothing, the witness all.”
― Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing  

The desert often fills my dreams, leaving me longing for vast expanses where land meets sky, the silence.  While I sit here the deserts wait, waiting for me to make them real again.

Adan and I slipped away for some exploring in the Joshua Tree back country.  Took the low road in through a wash and canyon, the high road out on ridges and peaks.  Don’t let the sunshine fool you; daytime was in the low 40s and high 30s with nighttime temps dropping as low as 17 degrees.

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One response

  1. Killer. I’ve never been to Jtree, and this isn’t what I usually see in photos of the park. Beautiful and demanding country that definitely demands respect.

    January 17, 2013 at 8:01 am

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